World's Hottest Hot Sauce | OT 27

Published on Jun 14, 2021
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Hotttttttt sauce, a western fight scene & HUGE GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Overtime at it's best!
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Halftime: 13:15
Guys In Disguise: 14:27
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:01
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    Dude Perfect

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    • Harry HOANG

      Harry HOANG

      12 days ago

      I just so want that golden ticket, cause I don’t have anything to play on because my mom doesn’t have enough money to buy me a toy or an iPad or something to ride

    • Berks Walker

      Berks Walker

      15 days ago

      Do more trick shots

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      Tj Tele

      20 days ago

      My bro loves tech but already sighed up for golf camp

    • Lorie Roark

      Lorie Roark

      Month ago

      Garret is my favorite

    • Erin O’Dowd

      Erin O’Dowd

      Month ago

      When does it end

  • xan's vlog

    xan's vlog

    2 minutes ago

    I love so much the intro I've repeat it 5 times

  • Ross Betar

    Ross Betar

    6 hours ago

    I did the hot sauce thing and I was drinking milk and water for a half hour straight

  • oh my gosh wow

    oh my gosh wow

    9 hours ago


  • Jerilee Fuller

    Jerilee Fuller

    10 hours ago

    I got the book didn't get the golden ticket but it was signed I was so
    excited it was insane I LOVE dp and can't wait to go to their tour one day !!!!

  • Fiery Killer

    Fiery Killer

    10 hours ago

    you've gotta agree, dp are underrated. They deserve more subs!!

  • reborned


    12 hours ago

    Who won the utv?

  • jett addison

    jett addison

    14 hours ago

    i swear ty's goofy smile 7:25

  • Nic Foster

    Nic Foster

    16 hours ago

    I seen the bacon flavored Jones soda many years ago and let me say this, you can't even begin to understand how terrible it really is 🤢

  • Ryan Hearne

    Ryan Hearne

    18 hours ago

    Put the worlds hottest hot sauce in the world’s hottest chip.

  • Jakub Rogaczewski

    Jakub Rogaczewski

    19 hours ago

    The person who was sitting next to tiler was a basketball player

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    The fixed fang inevitably steer because flax bilaterally dislike alongside a first appendix. level, ubiquitous honey

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    The Awesome BlueJays

    Day ago

    I love watching dude perfect y’all one of my favorite YouTube channel



    Day ago

    5:59 i like how
    Gar Just Instantly said: Im sorry what?

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    Parker Ross

    Day ago

    i a huge fan

  • Jack Mcclendon

    Jack Mcclendon

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    Saloon fights are the best!

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    legend of trickshots

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    5:59 garrret reaction was fantastic

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    JBJ Blangle

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    Austin Frick

    2 days ago

    Is that dirk Navitckie

  • Bloxy YT

    Bloxy YT

    2 days ago

    the cutes hi ever 17:35

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    3 days ago

    boban made the video 10x better

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  • Cassindra


    3 days ago

    5:50 don't mind me just saving this for myself

  • Nate Hawkins

    Nate Hawkins

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  • Isabella Martinez

    Isabella Martinez

    3 days ago

    Best video 🤣 My dad put that hot sauce all over his food he didn't even notice. My siblings did it as a prank 🤣

  • Kevin Hack

    Kevin Hack

    3 days ago

    Especially a dude perfect warped one

  • Kevin Hack

    Kevin Hack

    3 days ago

    I have always wanted a polaris

  • Hairy Central

    Hairy Central

    4 days ago

    Did anyone win the golden giveaways?

  • Will Sutherland

    Will Sutherland

    4 days ago

    POV: ur ty putting the coldest liquid “liquid nitrogen” in the hottest sauce to make it look cool

  • dimple cuteee

    dimple cuteee

    4 days ago

    Wow plz me 😓

  • Inkee Lim

    Inkee Lim

    4 days ago

    Wand duel next



    4 days ago

    Its fun seeing staff in the fight scene



    4 days ago

    That frying pan throw

  • WRT Gaming

    WRT Gaming

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    Tallguy beard twins purple hoser

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    Sam wilson

    4 days ago

    Guys In Disguise bro the garret hate I’m the #1 purple hoser fan fav color is purple

  • Sam wilson

    Sam wilson

    4 days ago

    Cool Cool. Cool. To cool. Cool

  • Thomas Rogers

    Thomas Rogers

    4 days ago

    All take a tall glass of choco milk

  • Thomas Rogers

    Thomas Rogers

    4 days ago

    The way tyler cam up when he got changed was amazing.

  • Sami597


    4 days ago

    This is my favorite fight scene ever

  • armiza enoc

    armiza enoc

    4 days ago

    whats the name of the horse?

  • Grant Brunkal

    Grant Brunkal

    4 days ago

    that is the worst quality set of knight armor ever

  • Dylan Smith

    Dylan Smith

    4 days ago

    Too easy

  • Pizza rolls

    Pizza rolls

    4 days ago

    You should make a shirt that’s says if it’s a food item I’m in

  • Henry Steurer

    Henry Steurer

    4 days ago

    16:54 really thought that was Danny Duncan for a sec

  • Charles Smalley

    Charles Smalley

    4 days ago

    3:32 the absolute look of disgust on his face

  • Kelly Meyer

    Kelly Meyer

    4 days ago

    I had the bacon soda it’s discussing.

  • Beth Halpain

    Beth Halpain

    4 days ago

    With Ty involved, everything escalades quickly!!!😁😄🤣😂😂

  • Beth Halpain

    Beth Halpain

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  • Riley Davis

    Riley Davis

    4 days ago

    “New seggz, old seggz”

  • NEPTIC Spring03

    NEPTIC Spring03

    4 days ago

    Love the prosper Easter egg

  • S O I L 4 L I F E

    S O I L 4 L I F E

    4 days ago

    guys, remember that panda reveal, we're still expecting it after they surpass pewdiepie
    btw, todays my birthday :)

  • Hudson Smith

    Hudson Smith

    4 days ago

    Plot Twist: Ned is the Panda

  • esquibeld


    5 days ago

    16:12 juventus is garbage 🗑



    5 days ago

    give me the fried chicken ice cream pweaseee

  • Rachelle Elizabeth Tebbe

    Rachelle Elizabeth Tebbe

    5 days ago

    I really wish they would do Airplane Stereotypes. They could make a fake set that looks like an airplane.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Croat

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Croat

    5 days ago

    Cory the crusader lol

  • Gus Hancock

    Gus Hancock

    5 days ago

    Is this debacle there at for the interview to see what the the city because it's coming this weekend for my town lol

  • Cona


    5 days ago

    9:59 when ever I try to go to somewhere in rdr2

  • Emissss :v

    Emissss :v

    5 days ago

    19:48 “maracas” 🤣🤣

  • nh sw

    nh sw

    5 days ago

    The jealous booklet pharmacologically preserve because africa inversely note among a humorous chain. rude, barbarous sweatshop

  • Ap


    5 days ago


  • Blakely Touche'

    Blakely Touche'

    5 days ago

    i once tried the hottest hot sauce... and they are not kidding. i was in the worst pain, and i had as little on a tooth pick like they did and im not joking

  • kate


    5 days ago

    dude garrett is my favorite lol

  • Emily Lopez

    Emily Lopez

    5 days ago

    Did I just see Dirk

  • Ben Crandall

    Ben Crandall

    5 days ago

    chicken ice cream should’ve been on the top 10

  • RK RK

    RK RK

    5 days ago

    am i gonna be the only one that says that mad dog 357 isnt the hottest hot sauce in the world? its only (im not saying its a little) 357,000 while the hot ones last dab is like 2,000,000+?

  • Turok Maktu

    Turok Maktu

    5 days ago

    Every Cartoon Fighting Scenes lol.

  • Dr Drax

    Dr Drax

    6 days ago

    Am I wrong or was it Boban in there

  • Alex428


    6 days ago

    Hoban got the book in the mouth just like in John wick

  • Kais Asefi

    Kais Asefi

    6 days ago

    Was that boban?

  • Alex Murphy

    Alex Murphy

    6 days ago

    Why does fight scene remind me of rdr2

  • Polka Caps

    Polka Caps

    6 days ago

    The End is the world’s hottest hot sauce with a scovel unit of 10 million

  • daxter hunter

    daxter hunter

    6 days ago

    The alert fedelini thirdly guide because teacher distinctively count but a medical amount. woozy, festive trombone

  • Rocio Anahi Villegas

    Rocio Anahi Villegas

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  • CarGamer


    6 days ago

    Eat the world spiciest chip and put the spiciest hot sauce on it.

  • Superstar ALDC

    Superstar ALDC

    6 days ago

    bro poor garrett he’s my favorite

  • Austin Roe

    Austin Roe

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    Space in a nutshell

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    10:45 normal day at the bar

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    Reyes Kingz

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    heather toche

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  • It’s me!!!

    It’s me!!!

    6 days ago

    Are there any gold tickets left

  • Anthony Barrios

    Anthony Barrios

    6 days ago

    This was one of the most craziest fight scene I ever saw

  • know Christ know Life, no Christ no Life

    know Christ know Life, no Christ no Life

    6 days ago

    No way!!! The dude from john wick!!!!

  • Gwyneth Z.

    Gwyneth Z.

    6 days ago

    lol iD Tech wanted me to work for them but I didn't have the time

  • Hanna Nicole

    Hanna Nicole

    6 days ago

    Half expected Sean Evans to show up

  • Not_Carsonツ


    7 days ago

    9:51 rare footage of Red Dead Redemption 3

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    Jishan Ajmeri

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